The business of fashion in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries | Publication

725752« The business of fashion in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries » : Special issue of Investigaciones de Historia Económica – Economic History Research (Volume 12, Issue 2, June 2016), edited by Giovanni Luigi Fontana and José Antonio Miranda.

Fashion is a complex cultural phenomenon that has strong economic implications. Its influence has been significant all along history, but increased considerably from the nineteenth century, due to the acceleration of economic growth and the expansion of the consumption capacity of a growing part of the population in a geographic area also expanding.

The importance that the fashion industry recently achieved in the global economy has encouraged economic historians to investigate the causes and characteristics of its historical development. Recent research focused on both individual countries and regions specialized in the sector and the internationalization process experienced by companies in the fashion business.

This special issue of IHE-EHR aim at reflecting about the state of the art, collecting innovative and original articles written in English, on the industries and businesses of fashion. Aimed coverage includes the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, both in Europe and the rest of world, with a methodology of economic and business history.

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