Fashioning Socialism.Clothing, Politics and Consumer Culture in East Germany | Judd Stitziel

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Judd Stitziel, Fashioning Socialism. Clothing, Politics and Consumer Culture in East Germany, Berg publisher, 2015, 272 p.

Présentation de l’éditeur : Fashioning Socialism is the first history of communist fashion in East Germany. Using clothing as a lens to read society, the author unveils wider tensions between the regime and the population and within the regime itself. In telling the surprising – and often bizarre – story of communist haute couture, fashion shows, seasonal clearance sales, the textile and garment industries, and everyday consumer practices, this book explores the paradoxical causes, forms, and consequences of East Germany’s attempt to create a communist consumer culture during the Cold War. In attempting to compete with capitalism on the West’s terms, East Germany unwittingly bred disgruntled consumers – consumers who ultimately tore down the Wall. Topics covered include gender and consumption, Americanization and Sovietization, women as consumer-citizens, and much more.A rare glimpse into consumerism under state socialism, this book offers unique insights into the Cold War, the dynamics and collapse of communism, and modern consumption.

Table Of Contents

Introduction Ideologies and Politics of Consumption
-The Logic and Contingencies of Planning, Producing, and Distributing
-From « New Out of Old » to « Socialist Fashion »:Patching Together an Alternative Consumer Culture
-Economies of Value and Politics of Price
-The Embarrassment of Surpluses
-The Disillusionment of Dreams of Distinction:Hochmodisch Apparel, Fashion Boutiques, and Exquisit Stores -Shopping, Sewing, Networking, Complaining:Consumer Practices and the Relationship between State and Society

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