The Global Lives of Things | Anne Gerritsen & Giorgio Riello

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Présentation de l’éditeur : The Global Lives of Things considers the ways in which ‘things’, ranging from commodities to works of art and precious materials, participated in the shaping of global connections in the period 1400-1800. By focusing on the material exchange between Asia, Europe, the Americas and Australia, this volume traces the movements of objects through human networks of commerce, colonialism and consumption. It argues that material objects mediated between the forces of global economic exchange and the constantly changing identities of individuals, as they were drawn into global circuits. It proposes a reconceptualization of early modern global history in the light of its material culture by asking the question: what can we learn about the early modern world by studying its objects?
Introduction The Global Lives of Things: Material Culture in the First Global Age Anne Gerritsen and Giorgio Riello
PART I: OBJECTS OF GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE 1. Itineraries of Matter and Knowledge in the Early Modern World Pamela Smith 2. Towards a Global History of Shagreen Christine Guth 3. The Coral Network: The Trade of Red Coral to the Qing Imperial Court in the Eighteenth Century Pippa Lacey
PART II: OBJECTS OF GLOBAL CONNECTIONS 4. Beyond the Kunstkammer: Brazilian Featherwork and the Northern European Court Festivals Mariana Françozo 5. The Empire in the Duke’s Palace. Global Material Culture in Sixteenth-century Portugal Nuno Senos 6. Dishes, Coins and Pipes: The Epistemological and Emotional Power of VOC Material Culture in Australia Susan Broomhall 7. Encounters around the Material Object: French and Indian Consumers in Eighteenth-Century Pondicherry Kévin Le Doudic
PART III: OBJECTS OF GLOBAL CONSUMPTION 8. Customs and Consumption: Russia’s Global Tobacco Habits in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries Matthew P. Romaniello 9. Sugar Revisited: Sweetness and the Environment in the Early Modern World Urmi Engineer 10.Coffee, Mind and Body: Global Material Culture and the Eighteenth-Century Hamburg Import Trade Christine Fertig and Ulrich Pfister Afterword – Paula Findlen Afterword – Suraiya Faroqhi Afterword – Maxine Berg

Routledge, 2016, 266 pages

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